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Adventure Photo Galleries: North America


North America

Photo: Biking along water

Alaska's Virgin Islands
Trade in frozen margaritas for frosty glaciers and a BOB trailer on the ultimate mountain bike tour—island-hopping the Inside Passage.
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Photo: Skiing off cliff

British Columbia: Powder Rangers
When ski junkie (and writer-photographer) Steve Casimiro gets dangerously desperate for a fix, he bolts to British Columbia's Powder Triangle. Consider these outtakes an Adventure public service for those with a well-cultivated, unquenchable craving for world-class skiing. 
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Photo: Snowboarding down mountain

California: Skiing the Range of Light

Steeps, powder, and easy access make California's eastern Sierra Nevada a backcountry skier's dream. And we've got the pictures to prove it. 
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Photo: Surfers walking down beach

Surf Hunters on California's Lost Coast
The location of the most sublime wilderness surf break on California's Lost Coast is classified info among local surfers. Catch a glimpse of the secret beaches. 
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Photo: Sailing

Canada: Northwest Passage
In 1997 writer-photographer Jonathan Waterman embarked on an uncertain quest to cross the Northwest Passage, the famed route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans via the northern boundaries of Canada and Alaska. Traveling east by sea kayak, ski, foot, dogsled, and, briefly, sailboat, Waterman explored Arctic landscapes and Inuit cultures. 
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Photo: Person biking along water and mountains

Canadian Rockies: Jasper to Glacier by Bike
In eight days of pedaling and pedal-to-the-metaling, our photographer shoots a monster tour of the Rockies. 
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Photo: Biker looking at mountains

Colorado: America's Top Mountain Bike Trek
Riding the San Juan hut-to-hut trail, riders soon realize: This is why mountain bikes were invented. See for yourself with these online-only photos and photo tips. 
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Photo: Ice climber in crevisse

Ice Climbing Photos in Colorado's Ouray Ice Park
Ice climbing, hot tubbing, and a cool mountain-town vibe put Ouray on the map. 
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Photo: Kayaker

Florida's Dry Tortugas Islands
Potographer Tim Calver took to the Tortugas with little more than his cameras and a kayak. Here he reveals some of the park's stunning simple pleasures: releasing a rehabilitated sea turtle, climbing a lighthouse, skimming the surface of a coral dream.
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Photo: Lava

Hawaii: Fire Walking with the Lava Junkies
Up close and personal with Hawaii's Kilauea, the world's most active volcano.  See the photos  >>

Photo: Looking out at water

Hawaii: Molokai on the Move Photo Gallery
West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro reports on oft-overlooked Molokai,
Hawaii's untamed isle. 
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Photo: Feet on kayak

Idaho: Rafting the Mighty Middle Fork of the Salmon
Photographer Woods Wheatcroft takes us along on a family rafting trip down Idaho's white-water original. 
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Photo: Kayak at night

Music of the Mississippi Delta
If you've ever listened to the blues, or R&B, or hip-hop, you need (that's right, need) to make a pilgrimage to the land that started it all: the Mississippi Delta. 
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Photo: Biking in Las Vegas

Nevada: The Vegas Draw
It's not just for high stakes and low morals anymore. With more outdoor action within a 200-mile (322-kilometer) radius than any major town in the nation, Sin City has got a new slogan: Whoever plays in Vegas, stays in Vegas. 
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Photo: House on water

North Carolina: Asheville Envy
If you're tempted by stunning mountains, awesome river access, and a lifestyle that mixes play into each day, then be warned: These photos may move you to relocate. 
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Photo: Sea Lion in water

Oregon: Sea Lions Photo Gallery: A West Coast Eco-War
A fleet of doe-eyed whip smart sea lions is laying siege to the Pacific Northwest, wreaking havoc on surf breaks, fishing lines, and endangering salmon runs. 
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Photo: Hikers taking water break

New Frontiers of the Southwest

Three photographers reveal new ways to look at the land of the Old Ones. 
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Photo: Waldo Wilcox

The Forgotten Treasures of Utah's Range Creek

Rancher and mountain-lion trapper Waldo Wilcox kept the country's greatest open-air museum a secret for 50 years. Now his stash is open to the public, and the "Indian stuff" has started to disappear.
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