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Adventure Photo Galleries: Africa

Current Features - March 2008

Photo: Climbers hanging from arch

Utah's Canyon Country: The Arch Hunters

The Colorado Plateau is home to the world's single greatest collection of rock arches—yet only a handful of die-hard seekers ever visit them. Prepare to explore slickrock country in a whole new way.
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Photo: Two people in lotus pose

India Yoga Ashram: The Love Test

See one couple's reluctant quest for enlightenment in an Indian ashram.
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Photo: Herdsman with reindeer

Audio Slide Show: Russia's Last Reindeer Herders

Along the remote and forbidding northern coast of Russia, a little-known group of Komi reindeer herders still lives by the old ways, shifting nomadically with the seasons. Photographer Gordon Wiltsie shows us a day in the life of this fading culture. See the slide show >>



Photo: Gustave the crocodile

Burundi: Gustave: Have You Seen This Crocodile?
A cold-blooded killer is on the loose. His name is Gustave. He's 20 feet long (6 meters), weighs 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms), and stands accused of devouring hundreds of people. Writer Michael McRae and photographer Bobby Model traveled to war-torn Burundi to confront the man-eater. 
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Photo: Two children

Nick's Take 2: Congo Encounter
ADVENTURE columnist and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols is an old Congo hand. In fact, he's probably there right now, as part of the Congo Trek expedition. 
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Photo: Man sitting on rock next to river

Chinko Voyage: Crazy in the Congo

Writer Michael Finkel and photographer Chris Anderson joined Hayse's team for ADVENTURE. The results are the March/April 2000 article "Crazy in the Congo" and this online exclusive. Here, Finkel reveals the stories behind previously unpublished images by Anderson. 
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Photo: Person looking at ocean

Congo Trekking With the World's Most Adventurous Explorer
Trouble on the trail: Crossing Africa's wild heart, conservationist Michael Fay sends news of a near mutiny. 
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Photo: Man saluting flag

DRC: Congo Photo Gallery: Expedition Bonobo
The only jungle dwellers more mysterious than the Iyaelima people are the rare bonobo apes that live alongside them. A perilous expedition into the Democratic Republic of the Congo hopes to establish contact that will help preserve them both. 
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Photo: Elephant on the beach

Gabon's Great Leap
Last fall photographer Nicolas Reynard trekked through Gabon's new national park system, where lush forests hide Africa's largest concentration of undisturbed—and camera-shy—animals. Could these parks change the face of ecotourism and preservation in the Congo Basin? 
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Photo: Lions

Kenya: Man-Eaters of Tsavo

Tsavo. Its name means "Place of Slaughter." The lions that prowl its plains are known for their abnormally large size, their maneless males, and their unusual prey: humans. Philip Caputo investigates—on foot. 
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Photo: Climber on a peak

Kenya: Climbing Mount Kenya Photos
Sixty-four years later, writer Matthew Power and photographer Bobby Model retrace one of climbing's most extraordinary escapades.
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Photo: Person climbing rock in desert

Libya's Shifting Sands
Photographer Bobby Model goes on a sand trek to see the country's many incredible, untapped sites. 
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Photo: Man fishing in ocean

Mozambique: Africa's New Adventure Travel Hot Spot
After a brutal civil war, Mozambique is back, with a thriving game park, world-class diving, and 1,500 miles (2,414 kilometers) of perfect coastline. 
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Photo: Hills on the Niger River

Niger: On the River to Timbuktu
Racing down Africa's surly Niger River, photographer Rémi Bénali captures timeless visions from an epic kayak expedition.
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Photo: Hand holding lion's claw

Stalking Tanzania's Man-Eating Lions
Nature's most efficient predators are hunting down the people of southern Tanzania. These cats are cunning, hungry, and—some believe—not of this world. 
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Photo: Person in hazmat suit

Uganda: Outbreak—Ebola

For most photographers, "exposure" means light and shutter speed. But the term assumed a far more sinister aspect when photographer Seamus Murphy traveled to Gulu, Uganda, to cover the most recent Ebola outbreak. 
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