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Your Kind of Town: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Are you an urban adventurer or a small-town dreamer? Do you crave culture or live for the beach? Find your spot in these 31 action-packed locales.
Text by Dan Grushkin

Cultural Hubs:

Austin, TX  |  Ann Arbor, MI  |  Flagstaff, AZ  |  Knoxville, TN 

 Provo-Orem, UT 
Tuscaloosa, AL 

Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Population: 113,567

Median Home Price: $261,000

Your Hangout: Sweetwaters Cafe (

The Scene: Home to the University of Michigan and birthplace of Borders Books, Ann Arbor also boasts proximity to the Pinckney Recreation Area, which offers some of the best singletrack biking in the Midwest.

OPTIONS: Mountain bike the Potowatami Trail in Pickney State Recreation Area, or hike among the wooded hills. The Waterloo-Pickney Trail travels three days from Big Portage Lake and Silver Lake Beach, a great camping trip and easy route. Find information at

OUTFITTER: Paddle the Huron River at Delhi Metropark a 53-acre (21-hectare) park five miles (8 kilometers) north of Ann Arbor ($27;

GOOD EATS: Ravioli stuffed with truffles and Yukon gold potatoes and award winning Weizenbock beer at Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. (+1 734 741 7325).

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