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Must-Do Trip: Bike Torridon Hills, Scotland

Ultimate Adventure Bucket List: Biker Danny MacAskill recommends kayaking the Torridon Hills, Scotland. Learn about this trip and his top gear pick.

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Rider Hans Rey biking off one of the pinnacles of the Quiraing on Skye near Torridon, Scotland

The Torridon Hills in the North West Highlands of Scotland are known as the most spectacular mountains in the British Isles. Made of some of the oldest rock in the world, the dramatic sandstone peaks rise 3,000 feet above sea level. The summits are set apart from one another, appearing like castles from a distance and having steep, terraced sides, jagged ridgelines, and distinctive pinnacles. “They’re like mini-Alps,” says Scotland native Danny MacAskill, “with a really bare, rugged, almost lunarlike landscape full of amazing mountain-biking trails.”

Despite the quality of the trails—challenging climbs and ripping descents that seem to go on forever and world-class mountain scenery—MacAskill says they’re remote and not very well known. He recommends using a reputable outfitter that offers tours, like Highland and Island Adventures. “It’s also a really great place to do some heli-biking,” he says.

Danny MacAskill
Street Trails Rider
Danny MacAskill rides a bike like no other—cruising up tree trunks, leaping between train cars, and balancing across fences. A short YouTube video showcasing his audacious stunts in 2009 went viral, with more than 31 million views. Subsequent films, including Way Back Home and Industrial Revolutions, have made MacAskill legendary and brought the sport of street trials out of obscurity. See his Adventurers of the Year profile.
Danny MacAskill's Gear Pick: Helmet
“My helmet. I’ve broken so many over the years—broken as in rendered unusable—that it’s not even a question. If I didn’t have my helmet on, I wouldn’t necessarily be dead, but I wouldn’t exactly be in a very good way.”

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