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Video: Adventurers of the Year 2006

Photo: Julie Wafaei and Colin Angus

See the challenges Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei
encountered while rowing
across the Atlantic during
their two-year, human-
powered circumnavigation
of the Earth.

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Video: Top Ten Adrenaline Flicks

Photo: BASE jumper

Our team hunted down the Web's ten wildest action clips. See our picks and nominate your favorites.
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Climbing Icebergs

Photo: Ice climber

Watch Will Gadd climb a
crumbling iceberg off
Labrador's coast.

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Video: Iceland Travel

Photo: Iceland waterfall

Take an adventure travel
tour behind the scenes of
an Iceland gear shoot.

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Top Ten Online Adventure Flicks
Our team hunted down the Web's ten wildest action clips. See our picks and nominate your favorites.  
Text by Jesse Huffman

3. Slacklining: Timmy O'Neill on Bridger Jack Spire
Talk about hanging it all out—rock climber Timmy O'Neill takes his slackline skills to perilous heights in this video. Perched 700 feet (213 meters) above the desert in Utah's Canyonland National Park on a quivering nylon cord, O'Neill negotiates the span between two of the sandstone peaks that make up Bridger Jack Spire.  Watch the video >>

4. Snowboarding: Absinthe Films' Optimistic? 
The latest release from Absinthe Films captures the tireless creative efforts of 17 snowboarders during a season spent dealing with the effects of global warming. Less snow and hotter temperatures don't seem like they'd add up to better snowboarding, but watch the trailer and you'll see why one of the hardest working crews of snowboarders and cinematographers in their industry titled this project Optimistic? 
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5. Skiing: Teton Gravity Research's Lost and Found 
Teton Gravity Research has a long-standing knack for matching skiing's wildest athletes with the world's steepest terrain. Filming for their 2007 release, Lost and Found, put the TGR crew up against a winter where rising temperatures meant that nothing came easy. But as the title implies, the Wyoming-based production company discovered the snow they were looking for ... and a lot more.
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6. Surfing: Nelscott Reef Tow in Classic 2007 Promo 
This fall, more than 40 surfers will get 48 hours to drop everything and head to Lincoln City, Oregon, for a chance to ride a perfect wave. Held at the latest big-wave break, the Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic enacts a holding-period from October 1 and December 31, while event organizers monitor the waves for the perfect combination of conditions. Watch the video and see why the wait is worth it, as surfers drop into moving mountains of water, locking into faces up to 50 feet (15 meters) tall. Watch the video >>

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