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Video: Hell + Back

Photo: Peru

Contributing Editor Kira
Salak reports from the
Amazon on ayahuasca,
a shamanistic brew said
to cure everything from
depression to cancer.
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Climbing Icebergs

Photo: Ice climber

Watch Will Gadd climb a
crumbling iceberg off
Labrador's coast.
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Video: Iceland Travel

Photo: Iceland waterfall

Take and adventure travel
tour behind the scenes of
an Iceland gear shoot.

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Video: Sea Kayaking Mexico's Galápagos
Dolphins, sea lions, and an array of endemic species greet writer Kira Salak as she paddles the Gulf of California surrounding Baja California, Mexico.

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This spring, Contributing Editor Kira Salak teamed up with Lindblad Expeditions ( to guide island-hopping sea-kayaking tours through Baja's Gulf of California. Salak is familiar with the view from the hull of a kayak. She is the only person to have kayaked solo for 600 miles (966 kilometers) on the Niger River, ending up in Timbuktu (which she wrote about in "Mungo Made Me Do It," December 2002/January 2003). But splashing around Baja was more like vacation—something the Montana-based writer rarely takes. "It's nice to be able to paddle and not have to worry about where to spend the night or if people are chasing after me," says the National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Here, Salak gives a sea-level perspective of the UNESCO World Heritage site's rich marine biodiversity.

In our new Web feature, Adventure writers and photographers share video snapshots from their travels to wild corners of the planet. This is the first video postcard in our series.

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Video courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions

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