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Video: Heli-Touring With Harrison Ford

Video production by Clint Koltveit 

March 10, 2008

In true Indiana Jones style, actor-conservationist Harrison Ford piloted a helicopter above California's San Fernando Valley to find the perfect location for Gregg Segal's photo shoot in the April 2008 issue. Ford, whose new movie The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes out May 22, also took the lead in repacking the helicopter—what a guy. What's even more impressive, though, is his 17 years as a strategic guide for Conservation International (, supporting biodiversity research, protecting endangered species, and working to persuade corporations with a history of polluting to become stewards of the Earth.

In our exclusive interview, Ford reveals his real-life adventures flying rescue missions, trekking through jungles, and fighting to protect the planet.
Read the interview >>

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