Get Involved

Big cats need help.

Picture of a lion cub
Photograph by Beverly Joubert

Your Donation Will:

Bring better technology to rangers and other lion protectors to reduce poaching opportunities, identify perpetrators, and help local authorities prosecute these illegal acts.
Combat lion snaring by bush-meat hunters and provide medical treatment to snared lions.
Educate local communities on how to coexist and flourish with big cats in their backyards.

Build a Boma

A man helps build a boma fence

Livestock enclosures called bomas protect livestock and shield them from predators such as lions. They also protect lions from being killed by people anxious to keep their livestock safe. One boma fence costs $500 to build and $25 to maintain. Start a fund-raising campaign or make a donation to build a boma today.

For the Classroom

A woman stands at a chalkboard

Big cats are declining at alarming rates. In response, National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative supports on-the-ground conservation and education projects. Get free educator resources and suggested activities to bring big cats into your classroom.

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