• Stalking the Mountain Lion

    Sunday 12/11 at 8P et/pt
    Naturalist Casey Anderson sets out to track one of North America’s most elusive ghosts: the mountain lion.

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  • American Cougar

    Sunday 12/11 at 9P et/pt and Monday 12/12 at 8P et/pt
    Cougars struggling to survive in the severe landscape of the northern Rocky Mountains have a new archenemy to contend with—reintroduced wolves competing for game and out to kill their cubs.

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  • Cat Wars: Lion vs. Cheetah

    Sunday 12/11 at 10P et/pt and Saturday 12/17 at 10P et/pt
    Caught on tape in Africa’s wild Serengeti is a stunning act of violence between two top predators. Three cheetahs are brutally attacked by two male lions - the first time an attack like this has ever been filmed.

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  • Hunt for the Shadow Cat

    Monday 12/12 at 9P et/pt and Thursday 12/15 at 10P et/pt
    Some call the jaguar the most mysterious and magnificent of all big cats. Ancient cultures considered them gods for their power, beauty, and speed. But little is really known about this species that stalks the deepest jungles.

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  • Night Stalkers: Jaguar Ambush

    Monday 12/12 at 10P et/pt
    Wildlife filmmaker Martin Dohrn leads an expert team of night-filming specialists into the jungles of Costa Rica on the hunt for Central America’s big cats.

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  • Planet Carnivore: Lions

    Tuesday 12/13 at 8P et/pt
    An 18-year-old lioness and her pride struggle to overcome hunger and conflict with other lions and hyenas during one event-filled week in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

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  • Lion Army: Battle to Survive

    Tuesday 12/13 at 9P et/pt
    It's a wild family drama in Kruger National Park: 28 members, including teenage bullies, new babies, absentee fathers, and sick relatives, with dynamics changing every day. Only this family is a mega lion pride.

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  • Swamp Lions

    Tuesday 12/13 at 10P et/pt and Saturday 12/17 at 9P et/pt
    A pride of lions is on its knees. Its mighty male was killed by poachers, leaving three mothers and their cubs vulnerable in one of the toughest landscapes in Africa.

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  • Tiger Man of Africa: Fight for Life

    Wednesday 12/14 at 8P et/pt
    The population explosion continues at Tiger Canyons, as favorite tigress Julie has another litter and John Varty waits to see if she'll raise them herself or further dash his hopes of having wild-raised tigers.

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  • Lost Land of the Tiger

    Wednesday 12/14 at 9P et/pt
    Go in search of an undiscovered tiger population rumored to be hidden in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. With cameras strategically placed, the team is closing in on capturing key evidence of the tigers said to be living here.

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  • Return of the Clouded Leopards

    Wednesday 12/14 at 10P et/pt and Friday 12/16 at 10P et/pt
    Two very rare six-week-old clouded leopard cubs are rescued from poachers, giving conservationist and filmmaker Sandesh Kadur the opportunity of a lifetime.

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  • Living with Big Cats

    Thursday 12/15 at 9P et/pt
    Follow the intimate story of the relationship between two filmmaker-explorers and a leopard they find when she is eight days old. With the most sensitive methods they follow her as she matures, first in the company of her mother, then hunting on her own.

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  • The Last Lions

    Friday 12/16 at 8P et/pt
    From the lush wetlands of Botswana’s Okavango Delta comes the suspense-filled tale of a determined lioness ready to try anything—and willing to risk everything—to keep her family alive.

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  • The Pack: Lions

    Saturday 12/17 at 8P et/pt
    This film examines a pride of lions as they strategically hunt different types of prey species, ultimately uncovering an unusual battle between two giants of the animal kingdom—the lion pack versus the giraffe.

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