Cause an Uproar On-the-ground conservation projects and education can slow the decline of big cats.

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Issues Impacting Big Cats

Retaliatory Killings:

Conflict between livestock herders and big cats have left the animals vulnerable to retaliatory slayings.

Illegal Hunting:

Some hunters target big cats to fuel a market for illicit products.

Loss of Habitat:

As human populations increase, the amount of natural hunting ranges and habitats for big cats declines.

» See how the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative is committed to halting the decline of big cats before it is too late.
Photo: Grantee Rudi Van Aarde shows big cat drawings

Big Cats Initiative Grantees

National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative funds grants that support conservation projects working to stop the decline of big cats.

Meet the Grantees

Lion Decline Map

Loss of habitat, prey decline, pesticides, even canine distemper and tuberculosis have caused lion numbers to quickly decline. This timeline shows how quickly they are disappearing.

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Photo: Wildebeests migrating

New Road to Split the Serengeti?

Commercial traffic would stress many species, conservationists say.

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Photo: Anne Kent Taylor presents a boma

Big Cats News

NatGeo News Watch bloggers report the latest news on big cats and on the work of the National Geographic Big Cats Initiative grantees in the field.

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