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    Learn How to Make a Cheetah Costume This Halloween

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Trick-or-Treat for Big Cats

Collect coins for big cats this Halloween season and join our community of big cats lovers. Trick-or-treaters can help save the big cats from extinction by collecting money for National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative. Download a canister wrap to make your own collection boxes, or participate as a school or classroom through the Big Cats School Challenge. To learn more, download our handbook. Get excited to help the big cats this Halloween and most important, don’t forget to ROAR!

Resources for Trick-or-Treat

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

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    Cat O'Lantern (PDF)

    Celebrate Halloween and help spread the word about the decline of big cats by carving your own cat o’ lantern.


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Mail in Your Collections


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    Big Cats Education

    Use videos, photo galleries, and maps to give students a clear view of big cat biology and the threats they face.

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