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Lions, polar bears, great white sharks, and crocodiles are not natural born killers. They enter a world full of danger, and must develop the skills needed to overcome prey with fatal precision. These creatures need years of practice to hone their hunting skills to become some of the most feared killers on the planet. Exposing real life-and-death struggles in dramatic second-by-second detail, “Built For The Kill” compares the abilities of top predators both on land and sea. Different predators in different worlds, but all have one thing in common—they’re Built For The Kill.

Behind-the-Scenes Producer Journals

  • Natural Born Killer... Not

    Natural Born Killer... Not

    Filming lions as the ferocious hunters they are wasn't as easy as Ian McGee, Series Producer & Writer, thought it would be. After all, he was working with 400 pounds of muscular super-predator. As it turned out, the king of the jungle enters the world as a four-pound bundle off fluff that learns to kill by trial and error. Mostly error.

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  • Photo: Polar bear in sea between ice floes

    Polar Bears

    The world's largest land predator is born blind, toothless, and helpless.

  • Photo: Crocodile eye


    It takes 40 years of intensive training for the world's largest living reptile to learn to be lethal.

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  • Photo: A large great white shark eating

    Great White Sharks

    Smart and sophisticated, a female great white shark needs all her predatory powers to survive an epic 6000 mile migration across a saltwater desert.

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  • Swamp Men

    Welcome to Billie Swamp Safari, an untamed wild animal park in the Florida Everglades, located on Seminole land.

  • dangerous-encounters-promo-vin.jpg

    Dangerous Encounters

    Join the adventure by land, sea, and air with Dr. Brady Barr as he travels to some of the wildest places on Earth.

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