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Africa’s Deadliest explores the deepest, darkest depths of Africa, to come face to face with the deadliest predators. Understand how this diverse landscape has sculpted an array of Africa’s predators and who has made it to the top of the food chain. From the dolphin armies of the ocean to the masters of ambush on the savannahs to the most poisonous reptiles of the deserts, discover the stealth, the speed, deception and weaponry of Africa’s deadliest.

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  • Hit by a Hippo

    Hit by a Hippo

    Cameraman Nathan Pilcher shares what it was like filming hippos, and how it turned out to be much more interesting than he had anticipated. Especially when, one night, a pride of eighteen lions decided to hunt a hippo—and Nick and his crew experienced a head-on hippo collision, straight into their parked car.

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  • Photo: A Parabuthus

    Lethal Weapons

    Africa's predators wield deadly weapons, from razor-sharp claws to fatally toxic venom.

  • Photo: Two mongooses in foliage

    Predator Swarm

    By hunting in teams, these killers are capable of more power, ferocity, and strategy than any hunter working alone.

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