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Dr. Brady Barr’s Dangerous Encounters have taken him around the globe to get up close and hands-on with almost every imaginable exotic creature. Now Brady is out to find America’s very own backyard beasts. His journeys will lead him to prehistoric creatures like the giant alligator snapping turtle in Louisiana, American titans like the raging bull in Kansas and the lethal javelina that attacks pets in Arizona. You may not know it, but these are the creatures that could live near you!

Behind the Scenes

  • Brady’s Epic Giant Python Encounter

    Brady’s Epic Giant Python Encounter

    The cave was literally a chamber of horrors filled with scorpions, roaches, maggots, spiders, millions of bats, lizards, and snakes, but it was the chest-deep, liquefied bat guano quicksand that made it unbearable for Brady. That was only the beginning of what would turn out to be the baddest bite of his life.

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  • Mesauring the bite force of an American crocodile; Costa Rica

    Bite Force

    Armed with a bite force meter, insatiable curiosity, and sheer courage, Brady risks his life to find the most powerful bite.

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  • Swamp Men

    Welcome to Billie Swamp Safari, an untamed wild animal park in the Florida Everglades, located on Seminole land.

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    Dangerous Encounters

    Join the adventure by land, sea, and air with Dr. Brady Barr as he travels to some of the wildest places on Earth.

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