Photo: Swamp Men wrestling a gator.

Photograph by Guy Nickerson

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Swamp Men reveals the round-the-clock challenges of running North America’s most untamed wild animal park: Billie Swamp Safari. Operated on 2,200 acres of the land of the Seminole tribe of Florida, thousands of visitors come each year to explore this unspoiled wilderness. Located at the north end of the Everglades in Big Cypress Swamp, on ancestral Seminole land, the parklands are home to over a thousand animals such as eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, red-tailed hawks, and thousands of hungry American alligators. The staff at Billie Swamp honors traditional Seminole beliefs, maintaining respect for all wildlife, while meeting the challenge of keeping the public safe.

Meet the Cast

  • Meet the Billie Swamp Safari Crew

    Meet the Billie Swamp Safari Crew

    Learn more about the staff of Billie Swamp Safari—the group of seasoned wildlife handlers responsible for controlling the chaos, while keeping in accordance with the values of the Florida Seminole tribe.

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  • Photo: Removing baby gators from the swamp

    Swamp Shootout

    The staff struggles to keep visitors safe from dangerous wildlife during a re-enactment of the second Seminole War.

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