The New Age of Exploration
Pushing the Boundaries
On January 13, 2013, the National Geographic Society turned 125. To mark the occasion, National Geographic magazine takes an in-depth look at exploration.

Element Hunters

A new atom is born. And then it vanishes. And the search for undiscovered elements goes on.

In the Element Kitchen

Back to Life

Reviving an extinct species is no longer a fantasy. Is it a good idea?

The Wild Life
of a Bonobo

The ape famous for making love isn’t as peace loving as we once thought.

Where Bonobos Live

New Old Libya

Freed from a dictator who twisted their past, Libyans must imagine their future.

Out of the Wreckage

Vestiges of Glory

The Bite That Heals

Venom is nature’s most efficient killer—but we’re discovering how it can cure as well.

The World
of Explorers

A photo portfolio: a lunar landing, volcanic action, ancient footprints in Africa

Restless Genes

Scientists are trying to learn what drove us out from Africa and on to the moon and beyond.

Rain Forest Sale

Ecuador's Yasuní Park has it
all—treetop orchids, prowling jaguars, nearly 600 species of birds ... and oil.

Amazon Adventure

Risk Takers

They snare poisonous snakes, drill into glaciers, probe cat parasites—and always push limits.

Crazy Far

To the stars. Do we have the right stuff to go?

The Greatest Survival Story

His companions died. Food was nearly gone. And Douglas Mawson still had 95 polar miles to go.

Small World

We breathe in millions of microbes. But we've only just begun to study them.