About the RBC and National Geographic Partnership

Photo: Sandra Postel Courtesy RBC

In 2009, Royal Bank of Canada became a founding partner of the National Geographic Freshwater Initiative. Through the RBC Blue Water Project—a ten-year multimillion-dollar commitment to foster a culture of water stewardship worldwide—RBC is seeking to contribute to the future of sustainable water resources worldwide. The RBC Blue Water Project showcases RBC's longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability, which makes it a natural fit for National Geographic and its mission of “inspiring people to care about the planet.”

As an RBC Blue Water Project grant recipient, National Geographic was able to lay the foundation for the multi-year Freshwater Initiative. The first step was the appointment of renowned water expert and author Sandra Postel as National Geographic Freshwater Fellow to lead the initiative. Since her appointment, Ms. Postel has spearheaded the development of the multi-year initiative across all National Geographic divisions, including Education, Media, Science and Research, Communications and Development. As part of her main objective, the freshwater portal was developed as the primary source of information for public outreach with a host of media assets to help raise awareness.

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More About Freshwater

About NGS and Water

Photo: Sunset at waterfalls Photograph by Scottyboipdx Weber, MyShot

The National Geographic Society's freshwater initiative is a multi-year global effort to inspire and empower individuals and communities to conserve freshwater and the diversity of life it sustains.

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Water Conservation Tips

Illustration: duck Illustration by Robert Zimmerman

Learn how to cut gallons from your household use, diet, energy, transportation, and consumer choices.

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Why Care About Water?

Why Care About Water? Video capture courtesy of National Geographic

Just less than one percent of the planet's water is available to meet the daily drinking water, sanitation, and food needs of nearly seven billion people and millions of other species.

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A Message From RBC

Photo: water in canyon Courtesy RBC

RBC, one of North America's largest financial institutions, has a history of philanthropy and community involvement dating back to the 1890s. In late 2007, water became a priority for RBC's community and environmental programs, with the launch of the RBC Blue Water Project. RBC is recognized among the world's financial, social and environmental leaders and contributed $99 million to community causes worldwide in 2008 through donations and sponsorships.

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