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Fresh Water Videos

The RBC Blue Water Project® is a $50 million philanthropic commitment to hundreds of organizations around the world who are committed to protecting the Earth's most precious resource: freshwater. View these films to explore some of the work being done by our member grant recipients.

Great Lakes United:

A major source of pollution affecting The Great Lakes and St-Lawrence River, the world's largest freshwater ecosystem, is caused by rainwater overwhelming city sewers. Great Lakes United is helping solve the problem in a simple and inspiring way: the greening of our cities.

National Geographic:

National Geographic Freshwater Fellow Sandra Postel explores the issues around water consumption in North America and shares her hopes for the future.

CIER (The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources):

Merrell-Ann Phare, Executive Director of CIER, meets with a First Nations community in Canada who have been on water boil advisory for 18 years.

Free the Children:

Through Free the Children, the world's largest network of children helping children, we learn of the impact of a simple rain catchment system on the life on a Kenyan girl.

Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium:

Meet the fisherman who alerted the press to massive algae blooms appearing on Lake Winnipeg and the marine biologist who is now championing the protection of the world's tenth largest Great Lake.

Tides Canada:

See how the protection of the largest remaining coastal temperate rain forest, The Great Bear, occurred as the result of unprecedented collaboration between government, industry, and First Nations communities.

More About Freshwater

About NGS and Water

Photo: Sunset at waterfalls Photograph by Scottyboipdx Weber, MyShot

The National Geographic Society's freshwater initiative is a multi-year global effort to inspire and empower individuals and communities to conserve freshwater and the diversity of life it sustains.

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Water Conservation Tips

Illustration: duck Illustration by Robert Zimmerman

Learn how to cut gallons from your household use, diet, energy, transportation, and consumer choices.

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Why Care About Water?

Why Care About Water? Video capture courtesy of National Geographic

Just less than one percent of the planet's water is available to meet the daily drinking water, sanitation, and food needs of nearly seven billion people and millions of other species.

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RBC Short Film
Featuring Sandra Postel

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