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M. Ford Cochran
Writer, Chesapeake Then
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Dan Sonnett
David A. Price, M. Ford Cochran
Researcher and Editor
Melanie Patt Corner
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Katy Wogec
Quality Assurance
Linda Rinkinen, Ben Azzara
Special Thanks
Don Baugh, Allen Carroll, Barbara Chow, Bob Dulli, Joel Dunn, Kim Ethridge, Lauri Hafvenstein, Tricia Kane, Sarah Laskin, Nancy Merrill, Pat Noonan, Patricia Norris, Meryl Tsagronis, Bill Warren, Jim Webb, John Page Williams, Kuri Yasuno

This site created in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and made possible by the generous support of Lockheed Martin Corporation, the Conservation Fund, and an anonymous donor.

Second Story Interactive Studios
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Brad Johnson
Studio Director
Julie Beeler
Kemp Attwood
Flash Programmer
David Knape
HTML Programmers
David Brewer and David Knape
Martin Linde
Image Research
Alex Aronson


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