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December 2007
From a list of the best and worst places to live to a new cobra in Kenya, we’re bringing you the latest news from around the globe.
In This Edition
• UN Ranks Best, Worst Countries
• Photos: Bethlehem Reborn
• #1 Wallpaper
• Largest Spitting Cobra Found
Photo of the Day
Photo of the Day
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True or false? The UN has more than 175 member countries. (See below.)
Photos: UN Rates Best, Worst Countries
Find out which countries took top honors in the UN’s new list of the most desirable countries to live in, see how the U.S. fared, and learn which places need the most improvement.
Pictures: The New Face of Bethlehem
Get an inside look at Christ’s birthplace transformed: a seething cauldron of political and religious turmoil, isolated within a massive concrete barricade.
Most Wanted Wallpaper
See Full Photo.
Relax with a whale off the coast of South Africa in this month’s best wallpaper.
Experience the Southwest Sweepstakes
Enter to win a 2008 National Geographic Expedition trip to Bryce, Zion, and Grand Canyon National Parks. The grand-prize winner and a guest will enjoy eight days in the splendor of the Southwest.
News by National Geographic: Daily Stories and Photos
Photos: New Indian Law Pits Tigers Against Tribes
A polarizing Indian law protecting the rights of forest-dwelling tribes has raised the ire of conservationists concerned over the country’s dwindling tiger population.
Largest Spitting Cobra Identified in Africa
The Ashe’s spitting cobra—at more than nine feet (three meters) long—is likely the world’s most venomous cobra.
Map of the Month
First "America" Map to Be Displayed
Its eerie accuracy remains one of history’s greatest mysteries. See the strange 1507 map that first used the name "America," soon going on exhibit at the U.S. Library of Congress.
Photo Quiz
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for Answer
Scientists are "shocking" bleached coral reefs near this tropical island to bring them back to life. So where is it?


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Answer: True. The United Nations currently has 192 member countries, according to the latest figures from its Web site.

Iceland photograph by Bruno Morandi/Getty Images

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