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Late December 2007
As 2008 dawns, find out what the best photos and eye-opening discoveries of 2007 were. Plus, two giant finds you may not believe.
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• Top Photos of 2007
• Top Stories of 2007
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• All-time Best Animal Pictures
Photo of the Day
Photo of the Day
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Quiz: What site is among both the new and old seven wonders? (See below.)
Top News Photos
of 2007

See a “prehistoric” shark, an eight-foot catfish, and the “new seven wonders”—all among National Geographic News’s most viewed marvels.

Top Ten News Stories of 2007

Best Wildlife Photos
Feast your eyes on National Geographic magazine’s all-time greatest animal pictures in this preview of the new collector’s edition.
Most Wanted Wallpaper
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Yes, that’s a real snowflake; and no, it won’t melt on your desktop.
Conquer Your World
Enter to win a National Geographic Expedition and test your air, land, and sea exploration knowledge…enter sweepstakes now!
News by National Geographic: Daily Stories and Photos
Photos: New Giant Rat Discovered
A rat about five times the size of its city cousins and “one of the world’s smallest marsupials” were found during a recent expedition to Indonesia's “lost world.”
“Giant Human Skeleton” Is Photo Hoax
National Geographic has not discovered ancient giant humans, despite rampant reports and pictures. But we have discovered how the hoax started-and perhaps why people believe it.
National Geographic Traveler Magazine
Photo Contest Winners
See readers’ winning pictures in National Geographic Traveler’s 2007 Photo Contest. The theme: World In Focus.
More to Explore
National Geographic Digital Media
NEW! Interactive Solar System
Watch the sun turn and burn—among the other eye-opening sights and facts in our new virtual solar system.
National Geographic Magazine
NEW! Volcano Gods Rumble
In Indonesia, life plays out in the shadow of fiery peaks. See photos and more in the new online edition of National Geographic magazine.
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We’ll see you again in two weeks. Until then, we’ll be uncovering the best photos and news for you.

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Quiz Answer: Egypt’s great Pyramids complex at Giza is the only site listed on both the ancient seven wonders list and the “new seven wonders” ranking, which was determined in 2007 by popular vote.
Fish photograph from Getty Images

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