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  Mar. 2003 

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You asked for breaking news about archaeology, science, nature, and more. Here are this week's top stories.

Bizarre Dinosaurs Evolved For a Reason >>
Some grew unicorn-like horns on their foreheads. Others had claws as long as rusty pitchforks. How to explain these weird dinosaur body parts? Full story and photo gallery: Go >>

Oldest Human Footprints Found, Experts Say >>
Scientists studying fossilized footprints in southern Italy say they date back 385,000 to 325,000 years, making them the oldest human footprints ever discovered. Full story and photo gallery: Go >>
Belize: Saving Reefs, Helping Fishers >>
The Western Hemisphere's largest coral barrier reef shows strains of overfishing—but help has arrived. Full story: Go >>
"Dinosaur-Killer" Asteroid Crater Spotted >>
65 million years ago a giant comet or asteroid struck Mexico, killing the dinosaurs. A NASA map shows the 112-mile (180-kilometer) wide crater—a first. Full story, image, and related links: Go >>

Birds Escalate Evolutionary Arms Race >>
Cuckoos trick wrens into raising their young. But wrens have wised up.
Full story: Go >>

Ancient Americans' Best Friend? >>
Did Carolina dogs follow first Americans across ancient land bridge?
Full story: Go >>

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