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National Science Foundation
Kyler Abernathy
Director of Research, Remote Imaging
Kyler Abernathy

A wildlife biologist by training, Kyler Abernathy joined the Remote Imaging team at National Geographic Television in 1999.

Kyler serves as the primary planner for Crittercam research projects, working with collaborating scientists to develop research goals and with the Remote Imaging engineering team to develop the technology to meet those goals. He travels into the field frequently to conduct the Crittercam projects and also to film them so that their stories can be told in Remote imaging productions.

Kyler received his bachelor's degree in marine biology from the University of California, Berkeley, and his master's degree in wildlife conservation from the University of Minnesota.

Since his undergraduate days, Kyler has worked on field projects around the world, from desert islands in the tropics to frozen seas in the Antarctic. Whether at work or play, he remains driven to explore the remote corners of the world.

In his free time Kyler enjoys outdoor activities of all sorts, including scuba diving, sailing, hiking, and soccer.

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