Photo: Fruit market in Dakar Senegal

Open air fruit market in Dakar, Senegal.

Photograph by Bobby Haas/National Geographic Stock

Together, we can feed the world.
One in seven people on Earth goes to bed hungry each night. Ensuring that enough healthy, nutritional food is available for people everywhere is one of the most critical challenges facing the world.

At DuPont, we commit 60% of our research and development dollars to help ensure the world’s growing population has enough food. From advancing the nutritional content derived from crops, to working with farmers and growers around the world to help increase yields, to developing a wide range of packaging materials that enable food to be transported without spoilage, we’re working every day to get more food to more people.

Areas where we are making a difference:

This focus on increasing food production, enhancing nutrition and increasing accessibility will help developing countries and foster economic growth around the world.


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    Together, we can decrease dependence on fossil fuels.
    By 2030, the world will consume 60% more energy than today. And while demand for energy grows, the supply of fossil fuel will not. This means the world will need to find new energy sources as we make more efficient use of fossil fuels.

  • Photo: Firemen fighting a gas fire


    Together, we can protect what matters most.
    As our population grows, so do the threats to human safety and well-being. Globally, over 1,000,000 people per year lose their lives to workplace injuries alone. With more people on Earth, we will need to find ways to protect humanity, and our environment.

7 Billion in 2011

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    Throughout the year, National Geographic magazine will examine how our burgeoning human population is impacting our world. From climate change to biodiversity to sustainability issues, check in regularly to see the latest installment in this year-long report.

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    DuPont has a rich history of scientific discovery that has enabled countless innovations and made life better for people everywhere. And today, we’re working with more people, in more places, to make life the best it can be.

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