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Ever wanted to ask a National Geographic photographer how they get their best shots? Here's your chance! Jim Richardson has the answers to your biggest photography questions. Send him an email and your question and his answer may be showcased. Check back often to read Jim's answers to some of your questions.

“My photography for National Geographic takes me all over the world, and while it's always a great adventure, it's also a lot of work. So I'm always sure to pack Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. On average, I'd say I use 600 AA lithium batteries a year – that would be more than 4800 AA alkaline batteries! That's a lot fewer batteries for a lot more photos (and a lot less I have to pack and carry.)”

- Jim Richardson

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You never know where or when that great shot will come, so always be ready with the ultimate in battery performance. Energizer® Ultimate Lithium last up to 8x longer in digital cameras*, so you’ll get more shots and use fewer batteries, making up to 8x less waste**. With the ability to withstand extreme conditions, 15 year storage life, and leak resistant construction, they’re perfect for wherever your photography adventures take you.

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Jim and Energizer Batteries

The Galaway Inn was alive with Irish music, packed wall to wall with people and like all Irish pubs, very dark. My Energizer-powered flash units lit up the scene—the musicians kept playing, the energy was fantastic, the action never let up and my camera outlasted us all.

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