National Geographic Science and Exploration’s grant program in Europe supports researchers, conservationists, and explorers based in Europe who are seeking scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that inspire people everywhere to care about our planet. Our grants have funded projects ranging from elephant conservation in Kenya to research on freshwater fissures in Iceland. We welcome applications from scientists and explorers who have fresh ideas in field-based research, conservation, exploration, and education. Apply for a grant »

During a grant meeting April 2016, 15 projects were awarded grants. See the list »

The program has funded more than 100 researchers and explorers. Read about a few of their projects below.

  • Following Sven Hedin

    Following Sven Hedin

    Adventurer and journalist Lars Larsson followed in the footsteps of Sweden's most famous explorer and geographer.

  • Birthplace of the Buddha

    Birthplace of the Buddha

    An excavation at a temple in Nepal attempts to shed light on the life of the Buddha and the earliest known Buddhist shrine in the world.

  • Iceland's Submersed Fissures

    Iceland's Submersed Fissures

    Jónína Ólafsdóttir explored and mapped the ecosystems of the cold freshwater fissures that form along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge through Iceland.


  • Elephant Partners

    Elephant Partners

    Ethnologist and conservationist Joyce Poole is working with a group of citizen scientists in Kenya to protect Masai Mara elephants.

  • A 16th-Century Maritime Battlefield

    A 16th-Century Maritime Battlefield

    In the Baltic Sea, Johan Rönnby investigates the resting place of the legendary 2,000-ton flagship Mars.

  • Wild Boars in Berlin

    Wild Boars in Berlin

    Biologist Milena Stillfried is studying the ecology of wild boars and their ability to adapt to urban areas.

  • The Voronya Cave

    The Voronya Cave

    Microbiologist Ieva Kieraite-Aleksandrova and her team descend the world's deepest known cave to learn how to protect its ecosystem.

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The Swedish Postcode Lottery supports National Geographic's Global Exploration Fund—Northern Europe, through research, conservation, and exploration projects led by residents of Northern Europe.