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WASHINGTON—The fossils of three dinosaurs with strikingly birdlike features will be unveiled. The fossils, part of a new exhibition at National Geographic Society headquarters, are the latest to come out of China and include a previously unknown species. All three are described in an article that will be published in the November 1999 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine. The fossils provide fresh evidence that feathers were widespread among meat-eating dinosaurs, maybe even Tyrannosaurus rex.

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Read more in the full press release and view the exhibit with our Webcam.

who  Philip Currie, curator of dinosaurs, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta, Canada
Xu Xing, paleontologist, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoanthropology, Beijing
Stephen Czerkas, scientific sculptor and director, the Dinosaur Museum, Blanding, Utah
when  10:30 a.m. ET Friday, October 15, 1999
The exhibition runs from noon on Friday October 15, 1999, through Tuesday, January 18, 2000.
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