October 25, 2001 Gigantic Crocodilian Fossil Found in Niger
Paleontologist Paul Sereno Details Discovery at Press Conference
Archived EventsArchived Events
November 2, 2000  
Ancient Wooden Ship Emerges from Black Sea Expedition
April 10, 2000  
Seven Pioneers Gather to Redefine Exploration
January 12, 2000  
Jimmy Carter Speaks on Challenges for the New Millennium
November 11, 1999  
Gigantic Plant-Eating Dinosaur Emerges From the Sahara
October 15, 1999  
New Birdlike Dinosaurs From China Are True Missing Links
April 6, 1999  
Three Inca Mummies Found on Volcano in Argentina
February 3, 1999  
Plans for Combating Invasive Species
December 9, 1998  
Hominid Remains Found in South Africa
November 12, 1998  
Huge Dinosaur Emerges from the Sahara
June 23, 1998  
Fossils from China Link Birds with Dinosaurs
June 11, 1998  
President Clinton Presents China Foreign Policy
June 4, 1998  
National Geographic Midway Expedition Discovers U.S.S. Yorktown
April 17, 1998  
Whitbread Round the World Race
December 3, 1997  
Tigers in Trouble: Conservation Efforts to be Unveiled
October 22, 1997  
President Clinton Speaks on Global Climate Change
August 14, 1997  
Footprints from Dawn of Modern Humans Found
July 30, 1997  
Ancient Shipwrecks Found Deep in Mediterranean
May 20, 1997  
Birdlike Dinosaur Discovered in Argentina
February 10, 1997  
Chilean Site Verified as Earliest Human Inhabited Site in the Americas;
Monte Verde Dates Back 12,500 years
January 27, 1997  
Solo Balloonist Steve Fossett to Share Down-to-Earth Story of Record Flight
January 14, 1997  
Vice President Al Gore to Announce Russian-U.S. Cooperation on Secret Arctic Ocean Data
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