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Critical Work in Research, Conservation, Exploration, and Education

Since 1888, National Geographic has supported exploration and discovery, bringing gems like Machu Picchu, undersea wonders, and new species to light. Our programs in field-based research, conservation, exploration, and education continue to provide the world with scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that inspire people everywhere to care about our planet. Today, a new generation of National Geographic explorers are redefining exploration. Become a part of this exciting generation by applying for one of the grants below.

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  • Photo: Guillermo Cock at an Inca burial site


    The Committee for Research and Exploration provides research grants focused on cultivating scientists, explorers, and conservationists.

  • Photo: Gretel Ehrlich Expeditions Council grantee

    Media-Driven Storytelling

    The Expeditions Council funds exploration of little-known areas of the world, as well as regions undergoing significant environmental or cultural change.

  • Photo: Man uses superglue to attach transmitter to dragonfly

    Grants in Northern Europe and China

    The Global Exploration Fund establishes local support for research, conservation, and exploration projects in Northern Europe and China.

  • Photo: Trip Jennings kayaks falls in the Mekong River

    The Next Generation

    The Young Explorers Grants Program awards grants to scientists and explorers between the ages of 18 and 25.

  • Photo: Mark Lynas

    Applied Conservation

    The Conservation Trust supports projects of global importance, emphasizing practical conservation solutions.

  • Photo: A diver in an underwater cave

    Exploratory Fieldwork

    National Geographic/Waitt Grants provide funding for exploratory fieldwork that holds promise for breakthroughs in the natural and social sciences.

  • Photo: A lion walking through grasses

    Saving Big Cats

    The Big Cats Initiative brings several National Geographic divisions together in the fight to save lions, leopards, cheetahs, and other big cats.

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    Revitalization Projects

    The Genographic Legacy Fund aids indigenous and traditional peoples by supporting revitalization projects that raise global awareness about cultural loss.

Explorer Programs

  • Photo: Beverly Goodman and jellyfish

    Emerging Explorers

    These inspiring young adventurers, scientists, photographers, and storytellers are already making a difference.

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