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    Nat Geo Explorer Captures Literally Side-Splitting Scene

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About the Program

The Conservation Trust is a grant program that supports innovative solutions to conservation challenges and issues of global concern. The Trust encourages projects with a strong emphasis on conservation science. In particular, it seeks to support those projects that test and critically evaluate alternative approaches to conservation. Projects that hold potential as media subject matter are also encouraged, as National Geographic’s vast audience offers our grantees opportunities to make a broad public impact.

Program Background

By the end of the last century, the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration had distributed more than 170 million dollars in research grants worldwide. But as the new century dawned, National Geographic recognized the need for a new kind of grant program, one with a special emphasis on conservation. In March of 2001, the Conservation Trust gave its first grant—to botanist Nalini Nadkarni for her unique, outreach-oriented forest canopy studies. The Conservation Trust has awarded 212 grants since its inception in 2001, totaling 6.4 million dollars. The Trust awarded 15 grants in 2011 at a total of $250,914.

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