Photo: Saguaro cactus in the National Park

Photograph courtesy National Parks Service

We're sorry you were not able to join us in person at the 2011 BioBlitz, but thanks to the National Park Foundation we’ve got the next best thing—an Electronic Field Trip (EFT) to Saguaro National Park where you can experience BioBlitz 2011 on demand.

During the free EFT you learn about the park’s iconic Saguaro cactus and the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest U.S. As part of this journey, you join thousands of students doing hands-on science in the park as part of BioBlitz 2011.

Electronic Field Trips teach students core subject matter using national parks—which they may never get a chance to visit otherwise—as classrooms. Each field trip consists of two components: 1) a televised broadcast from a national park featuring National Park Service Rangers and youth hosts and 2) a website featuring downloadable lesson plans for teachers and interactive games for students. The broadcast and the website complement each other, providing a rich experience for students.

Visit the Electronic Field Trip website for more information.

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