About the Project

In the public eye for a scant half-century, Leonardo da Vinci's painting "The Battle of Anghiari" drew admirers who scarcely noticed the Mona Lisa and came to Florence to copy it. An epic tangle of horses and men, it represented something totally new in art. But only 50 years later, another Renaissance master, Giorgio Vasari, was brought in to remodel the town hall housing the painting and replace the Leonardo. Legend has it that he simply entombed the painting within the walls of the Palazzo Vecchio, as it was. The problem? No one knows where that was.

Protecting the Vasari

  • Photo: Vasari mural

    Behind the Vasari

    Restorers find existing gaps in the Vasari mural that can be used to search for "The Battle of Anghiari."

Behind the Science

  • Photo: HIPerSpace wall

    Visualizing Data

    The team gathers visible, LIDAR, and radar data and now must place them in a virtual environment.

  • Photo: Endoscope

    Extraction Operation

    Incision instruments, sampling tools, and methods for the sample extraction were designed for this project.

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Il Leonardo Perduto