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Photo: Fish

Photograph by Enric Sala

As a nonprofit organization, National Geographic has a unique mission that depends on the generosity of a select group of individuals who are so passionate about exploration and discovery that they make a philanthropic gift to the National Geographic Society—over and above their magazine subscription and support of other National Geographic programs.

We call these special people Contributing Members.

As a Contributing Member, you will join National Geographic in pushing the boundaries of what we know. Since 1888, we've funded expeditions that have changed the way we think about our world. Right now, our explorers in the field are working to document and protect the last wild and healthy ecosystems in the ocean; retrace the steps of our ancestors' migration from Africa and across the globe; explore the Maya caves of Yucatán, Mexico, to unveil the beliefs and rituals of the ancient Maya; and conduct expeditions to remote and extreme corners of the Earth to better understand what life might look like in harsh, extraterrestrial environments.

You will make possible the groundbreaking fieldwork of visionary scientists, who, like Jane Goodall and Jacques Cousteau before them, stretch the limits of our understanding. Without National Geographic, the Leakey family and Donald Johanson (the discoverer of Lucy) might never have found the fossils that tell the story of human evolution in East Africa.

And you will help change our world for the better. Today, National Geographic is helping to preserve habitats for endangered big cats, support efforts to better understand the changing climate, and engage the public in working together to protect the planet we call home.

Our Contributing Members keep new discoveries on every horizon. Please join them by making your generous philanthropic gift of $25, $50, $100, or more to the National Geographic Society today.

Just imagine how much further we can go together.

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Your Support in the Field

  • Photo: Sea lion swimming near the Desventuradas Islands

    Saving the Last Wild Places in the Ocean

    Led by Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala, National Geographic's Pristine Seas has helped inspire the creation of the largest marine reserve in the Americas. The newly protected waters around Chile's Desventuradas Islands contain many marine species found nowhere else on Earth.

Your Support in the Field

  • Photo: Lion

    Better Bomas Save Big Cats

    When lions and other big cats kill livestock, herders retaliate by killing cats. Sturdy livestock enclosures called bomas keep livestock safe from attack by big cats, just as they keep big cats safe from people who depend on livestock for income. National Geographic grantees helped construct more than 260 new bomas in Kenya and Tanzania in 2014. Learn how you can support their work.

Why I Give to National Geographic

  • Photo: The Zajics

    The Zajics

    A charitable trust gift to National Geographic was a “win-win” for JC and Anna Zajic, giving them income for life while supporting the work of an organization they believe in. “We would encourage others who have charitable trusts or are planning on setting one up to think of including National Geographic. Your gift, like ours, will be well used and make a real difference.” Read More