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Donating retirement plan assets to National Geographic could be the most cost-effective gift you make. Retirement plans—IRAs, 401(k) plans, Keogh plans, and others—are subject to estate taxes, as well as income taxes, when left to your heirs. The combination of estate and income taxes can reduce the value of the retirement savings considerably, but careful planning can minimize or even eliminate taxes due on retirement plan assets during life and at death.

You may find it most tax efficient to name the National Geographic Society as the beneficiary of all of your retirement accounts, or you can give the most-taxed asset in your estate to National Geographic, and leave other, less heavily taxed assets to your heirs.


How a Gift of Retirement Assets Works

To implement your wishes, simply advise your retirement plan administrator(s) of your decision and sign the required form(s). For an IRA or Keogh plan you administer personally, notify the custodian in writing. After your lifetime, the residue of your plan passes to National Geographic tax-free.


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The information on our Web site is not intended as financial or legal advice. Please consult your own qualified advisers as you consider philanthropic gifts.


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Donor Stories

  • Photo: Leopard

    Adele Gottschalk

    The late Adele Gottschalk was a renowned general surgeon dedicated to human health. However, outside of the operating room, she was passionate about the preservation of wild animal species. Adele decided to name National Geographic as a beneficiary to her individual retirement account and today her gift supports field research projects to study and protect animals in the wild. Read More

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    At the heart of our explorers program is the quest for knowledge through exploration and the people who make it possible.

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    Marine Protected Areas Make a Difference

    In collaboration with the Chilean Navy, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala and Oceana scientists traveled to remote and largely unexplored Salas y Gómez Island, some 200 miles east of Easter Island, Chile. There they conducted the first systematic survey of life in the waters of Motu Motiro Hiva Marine Park and its surroundings. Data collected revealed that waters in the park are a biodiversity hotspot for reef fish, and point to the importance of marine protected areas. National Geographic's Ocean Initiative, supported by the donations of individuals, corporations, and foundations, is working to protect the last healthy, undisturbed places in the ocean.