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Patagonia Sur Wilderness Lodges


Imagine a remote luxury adventure that supports environmental conservation, sustainable community development and where you can genuinely unplug, reconnect and recharge.

Accessible only by air or sea, Patagonia Sur Wilderness Lodges, situated within 60,000 acres of private conservation lands in the remotest regions of Chilean Patagonia, are the real deal: ideally isolated, eco elegant and breathtakingly beautiful.

Enjoy guided treks and horseback rides with traditional Patagonia horsemen (Gauchos), world-class fly-fishing and river rafting, sea kayaking and scenic helicopter tours amidst pristine river valleys, unspoiled coastal habitats, soaring glacier-covered volcanoes, fjords and forests.

Even better, the lodges are part of Patagonia Sur, a company deeply committed to the permanent conservation of the unique environmental ecosystems and cultural heritage of the region.

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