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Gardens Galore (and a little bit of history)

Derrynane House, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

"The Liberator" Daniel O'Connell's ancestral house is a piece of living history. From the furniture (our daughter exclaimed, "Such a tiny bed!") to the Giant Processional Carriage used to deliver him from jail to the adoring populace (which would fit an NBA player quite nicely), the visual path and presence of Irish history here is remarkable.

However, the beauty of the place is best seen in the gardens, O'Connell's passion. They are lush and green (as with all of Ireland), and have meandering pebbled paths, gorgeous flowers, rare plants, and create a sense of being in a magical, historical place.

Tip: just past Derrynane House, visit Derrynane Beach, where locals swim, play, fish, surf, and ride horses. During low tide, you can cross over to Abbey Island, where the ruins and cemetery create an atmosphere like no other.

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