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Island Path Panama

Bocas del ToroPanama

Adventure, relaxation, culture--no matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find it at Island Path Panama. The tiny resort has just two cabanas overlooking a rain forest, where you can spot parrots and howler monkeys in the trees below. Every morning the owners, Stan and Kristi, make breakfast at their house next door. Stan is an avid surfer who spent years looking all over the world for the perfect place to retire, and this is it. Island Path offers surfing packages, spear fishing, and tours of Bocas Del Toro. As their very first guests in 2010, we hopped all over the surrounding islands like the gorgeous Cayos Zapatillas (protected as part of a marine park) and Red Frog Beach (home to tiny strawberry poison dart frogs). Island Path is just minutes from Bocas Town, where you’ll find lots of restaurants and bars (including Barco Hundido, built over a shipwreck).

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