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Must Dos

White Water River Rafting

Dinosaur National Monument, 4545 U.S. 40, , Dinosaur, CO 81610, USA, United States

Dinosaur National Monument is famous for bones but the white water river rafting is phenomenal. The Yampa River is the last wild and undammed tributary to Colorado system. The white water is spectacular, the scenery gorgeous, incredible hiking and perfect camping. The Green River also runs through the monument and is another must do river rafting trip. Both rivers have rapids rated as top 10 ten big drops in the U.S. Perfect family vacation four or five days is the right length. There are several outfitters in the area we highly recommend Dinosaur River Expeditions they are the only locally owned and operated outfitter since 1979 and specialize in Dinosaur National Monument rafting trips. They have a beautiful website which has great photos. Besides river rafting there is the dinosaur fossil quarry, Native American rock art sites, great wildlife sightings and historic pioneer homesteads to visit.

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