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Bonneville Power Administration
Learn about the agency that wholesales electric power produced at the 29 federal dams located in the Columbia River Basin.

Britannica.com: Columbia River
Get fast facts and a detailed history from this encyclopedia article.

Center for the Columbia River History
Learn about an organization geared toward educating people to protect the Columbia River.

Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program
Get the latest news from the world of the Columbia Basin.

Grand Coulee Dam
Read a summary of the history of Grand Coulee Dam.

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National Geographic Resources

Montaigne, Fen. “Columbia River.” NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, April 2001.

Ambrose, Stephen E. Lewis & Clark: Voyage of Discovery. National Geographic Books, 1998.

Van Dyk, Jere. “Long Journey of the Pacific Salmon.” NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, July 1990.

America’s Spectacular Northwest. National Geographic Books, 1982.

Williams, Maynard Owen. “The Columbia Turns on the Power.” NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, June 1941.

Search for these and other resources in the National Geographic publications index and store.

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Additional Resources

Lewis, Meriwether. History of the Expedition Under the Command of Lewis and Clark. Dover Publications, 1965.

Lichatowich, Jim. Salmon Without Rivers: A History of the Pacific Salmon Crisis. Island Press, 1999.

Roberge, Earl. Columbia: Great River of the West. Dai Nippon Printing, 1985.

Worster, Donald. Rivers of Empire: Water, Aridity and the Growth of the American West. Pantheon Books, 1985.

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