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Web Links

Dispatches From a Himalayan First Ascent @
Read and hear dispatches from three climbers who attempted “a radical and daring new route.”

Everest: Measure of a Mountain @
Read dispatches from a National Geographic-sponsored expedition to uncover the true height of Earth’s highest peak.

Nepal: Changed for Good, for Bad, Forever @
Get exclusive photos and field notes from a National Geographic magazine assignment.

Ranu Tharu: Women of Grace @
Go behind the scenes of a National Geographic magazine story on a legendary Nepalese forest culture.

American Himalayan Foundation
This group’s projects in Nepal support environmental and cultural preservation, as well as health care and education.

CIA World Factbook
Prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency for the use of U.S. officials, this site offers an overview of Nepal.

CIWEC Clinic
This Kathmandu-based “travel medicine center” offers tips on safe trekking.

Frequently Asked Questions on Traveling to Nepal
Find information about visas and customs, health concerns, entertainment, transportation, and trekking, just to name a few.

Himalayan Explorers Club
This nonprofit organization seeks to promote a better understanding of and respect for the environment and culture of the Himalayan region.


National Geographic Resources
National Geographic Allman, T.D. “Nepal: Changed for Good, for Bad, Forever.” November 2000.
National Geographic Kellner, Debra. “'Ranu Tharu: Women of Grace.” September 2000.
DVD Surviving Everest: The Collectors Edition. 1999. (Available in our store.)
Book Breashers, David, and Andrey Salkeld. Last Climb: The Legendary Everest Expeditions of George Mallory. 1999. (Available in our store.)
Video Surviving Everest: The Collectors Edition. 1999. (Available in our store.)
Traveler Gray, William. “Himalaya Trekking: A Guide to the Heights.” May/June 1999. (Available in our store.)
National Geographic Valli, Eric. “The Golden Harvest of the Raji.” June 1998. (Available in our store.)
Book Coburn, Broughton. Everest: Mountain without Mercy. 1997.(Available in our store.)
National Geographic Carrier, Jim. “Gatekeepers of the Himalaya.” December 1992. (Available in our store.)
National Geographic Bishop, Barry C. “The Mighty Himalaya: A Fragile Heritage.” November 1988.(Available in our store. )
National Geographic Teas, Jane. “The Temple Monkeys of Nepal.” April 1980. (Available in our store.)
Video Return to Everest. 1984. (Available in our store.)
Search for these and other National Geographic resources in our publications index and our store.


Additional Resources

Choegyal, Lisa. Insight Guides: Nepal. APA Publications, 1994.

Hagen, Toni. Nepal: The Kingdom in the Himalayas. Rand McNally, 1961.

Herzog, Maurice. Annapurna: The Epic Account of a Himalayan Conquest and Its Harrowing Aftermath. Lyons Press, 1997.

Raeper, William. Spring Awakening: An Account of the 1990 Revolution in Nepal. Penguin Books, 1992.

Roberts, Patricia. Kathmandu: City on the Edge of the World. Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1989.

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