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On The Trail

  • One of the best ways to physically prepare for a trek is to climb stairs before you leave home.
  • Avoid bringing new hiking boots unless you have time to break them in beforehand.
  • Pace yourself. Slowing down to between one-half and two-thirds your normal hiking speed will allow you to cover long distances without becoming overtired.
  • Don’t bring cotton clothing for the trail. Fabrics made of synthetic fibers that wick perspiration away from your body are best.
  • Drink only purified water, and always wash your hands before eating. Bring antibacterial hand cleaner—soap and water are not always available.

Trekking Gently

Cultural Considerations

  • Revealing clothes are not acceptable for women, and men should always wear a shirt.
  • Pass religious sites and prayer flags on the left.
  • When you sit, avoid pointing your feet at any sacred objects or at another person. Feet are considered unclean.
  • Do not pat anyone on the head, not even children. It is considered the spiritual apex of the body and therefore sacred.


  • Always ask permission to take someone’s photograph.
  • Do not promise to send photographs unless you intend to follow through.
  • When in doubt about taking a picture, ask yourself if it would be appropriate in the same circumstances at home.
  • In Nepalese airports carry your film with you and ask that it be inspected by hand. Despite what you may be told, not all x-ray equipment there is safe for film.
  • Lighting conditions in Nepal are extreme. For best results, shoot in the early morning or late in the day.

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Trekking Nepal