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The lesson plans below are designed for use with the giant-screen film Forces of Nature, though they may also be used independently. As with all National Geographic lesson plans, they have been teacher tested and are aligned with the U.S. National Geography Standards.

Note: All PDFs on this page require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Grades Six to Eight

When Natural Hazards Become Human Disasters
Help students better understand natural events and the dangers that they pose to humans. (PDF version 1.7 MB)

Natural Hazards: Same Forces, Different Impacts
Have students consider the threats that natural disasters pose for humans, then compare and contrast two disasters. (PDF version 572 K)

Dealing With Disasters
Encourage students to study potential natural hazards in their community and discuss community preparation and response for a natural disaster. (PDF version 644 K)

Grades Nine to Twelve

Twister Tracking
Using a database of tornado touchdowns, help students learn about, organize, and compare tornadoes in their home state and across the country. (PDF version 620 K)

Earthquakes: A Whole Lot of Quakin' Goin' On!
Have students use one of two scales that scientists use to categorize and compare earthquakes and their intensity. (PDF version 1.2 MB)

Volcano Hazards: Describing a Dangerous Mix
Students work cooperatively to become "volcano hazards experts" in this activity. Groups research dangers from volcanic eruptions and present their work in a variety of formats. (PDF version 780 K)


Forces of Nature Teacher's Guide
Download a PDF of six lessons created especially for the National Geographic film. (6.7 MB)

Forces of Nature Activity Guide
Print our photo-filled guide, packed with fun, interactive activities based on the National Geographic giant-screen film. (3 MB)

Museum Educator's Guide
Is your museum or theater hosting Forces of Nature? Get ideas here for activities and displays to enhance visitors' experiences.

Forces of Nature Online Education Community
Tap into a new online educators' community (part of National Geographic's Education Network) focusing on the film. Get free educational resources and more. (Free registration required.)



Activity: The Power of Fire

Grades K-2: The Three Little Pigs in Earthquake Land (Lesson Plan)

Grades 3-5: Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Lesson Plan)

Grades 9-12: What's Up With the Weather? (Lesson Plan)


Activity: The Power of Fire

Grades 3-5: How Are Islands Formed? (Lesson Plan)

Grades 3-5: Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Lesson Plan)

Grades 9-12: The Ring of Fire (Lesson Plan)


Grades K-2: What Is a Tornado? (Lesson Plan)

Grades 3-5: Twister! What to Do in a Tornado (Lesson Plan)

Grades 6-8: Tracking Tornadoes (Lesson Plan)

Grades 9-12: Tornadoes and Technology (Lesson Plan)


Grades 3-5: The Eye of the Hurricane (Lesson Plan)

Disasters and Preparation

Activity: Understanding Disasters (Lesson Plan)

Activity: Stormy Stories (Lesson Plan)

Grades K-2: Prepare Yourself (Lesson Plan)

Grades 3-5: The Active Earth (Lesson Plan)

Grades 6-8: The Impact of Natural Disasters Around the World (Lesson Plan)

Grades 6-8: Natural Hazard Risks in the United States (Lesson Plan)


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More on Forces of Nature

Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts: Where Girls Grow Strong

National Geographic has teamed with the Girl Scouts of the USA to bring Forces of Nature to girls across the United States! Girl Scouts ages 11-17 can view the film and participate in Girl Scout activities to help them complete earned age-level awards while learning about the Earth and the scientists who study it. For more information on Girl Scouts, visit the Girl Scouts Web site.


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