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Typhoon TorajiReturn
Typhoon Toraji spins over Taiwan on July 30, 2001.
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Location: Taiwan, China
Date: July 2001
Dead: Estimated at more than 200
Damage: More than a hundred million dollars (U.S.)

Typhoon Toraji, named for a popular plant in Korea, swept through eastern and central Taiwan, China, on July 30, 2001.

The storm lingered for ten hours, dumping rain on the island. The east-central county of Hualien and the central county of Nantou were the hardest hit.

Tens of thousands of people were left without power, and landslides swept houses off their foundations. Boulders crashed down mountains, knocking trees over and slamming into homes.

Agricultural damage was estimated at a hundred million U.S. dollars.

After leaving Taiwan, the storm turned toward mainland China. More than 300,000 people were evacuated from the eastern coastal provinces, but Toraji weakened and did no real damage there.

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