Fantastic Journeys Yellowstone

National Geographic Interactive

Producer and Writer
M. Ford Cochran

Director of Kids Content
Dorrit Green

Entry Screen Art
Chuck Carter

Plumb the Depths Art
William Pitzer, Pitzographics, Inc.

Grand Prismatic Spring Photograph
Paul Chesley

Old Faithful QTVR
Courtesy of Electronic Data Systems Corporation

Scout About Photographs
M. Ford Cochran

Text Editors
Valerie May
Peter Winkler

Jelili Salako, Eric White

Sound Editor
Mark Christmas

Graphics Production Assistant
Cornelia Tucker

Melanie Patt-Corner

Dr. Robert Smith
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Utah

Online Coordinator
Rhonda Struminger

Quality Assurance
Linda Rinkinen
Paula Willard

USWeb D.C.

Project Management
Seth Gordon

David S. Coley III
Jeff Dubin
Seth Gordon

Special thanks
Eric Ashman
Anne Champlin
Alexander Hawkinson
Mark Lupke
Marlene Sorra
Drew Taubman
Alex Tomlinson

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