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1998 Features
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At the Tomb of Tutankhamen
It is 1923, and the long-sought tomb of Tutankhamen is about to yield its secrets. Join NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC correspondent Maynard Owen Williams in Egypt.
Banff Film Festival
Trek to Canada’s Banff National Park and go behind the scenes at the world’s preeminent alpine film festival.
The Crittercam Chronicles
How do you attach a camera to a shark? (“Very carefully” is only part of the answer.) Find out how the revolutionary Crittercam was developed and follow it into hidden realms.
Get bite-size briefings in our ever expanding dossier of dinosaur discoveries.
Fallout: Eye on the Volcano
Hot ash, incandescent rocks, and boiling mud—all stemming from a volcano that awoke with a vengeance in 1995—have transformed the Caribbean island of Montserrat into a disaster area.
Famous Faces
Luminaries in different fields share their thoughts as the century comes to a close.
Lewis and Clark Online Base Camp
We’re telling campfire stories of one of America’s greatest adventures. Pull up a log and listen.
We’re hitching our wagon to time’s winged chariot and riding it straight to 2000. Along the way we’ll examine the issues that drive our destiny, from exploding population to adventure and exploration.
Get in touch with explorers in the field through e-mails, dispatches, photographs, and more.
Radio Expeditions
National Public Radio and National Geographic team up to bring you this singular series.
Return to Mars
Shot into space like a bullet, the Pathfinder space probe landed like a beachball. Follow the ups and downs of the Mars mission in space-age style—complete with 3-D and virtual reality.
Return to Midway
Titanic’s discoverer, Bob Ballard, dove deeper than ever to find the lost ships of World War II’s Battle of Midway. Blueprints, personal recollections, and field dispatches let you in on the hunt.
Silver Bank
The Spanish galleon Concepcion struck a reef in 1641, spilling a conquistador’s ransom in silver. Join the crew in the fight to stay afloat and examine priceless finds from the wreck.
Scaling the Razor
Journey to Antarctica with a team of climbers determined to be the first to scale Rakekniven—“a towering blade of granite,” according to best-selling author Jon Krakauer.
Sustainable Seas Expeditions
Dive with us as we explore—and learn how to protect—the last great frontier on Earth.
A secret world awaits you below the grasslands of North America. Wriggle through miles of serpentine burrows that shelter thousands of the feisty rodents—and their foes.
Follow our TV crews on assignment all over the world and hear their terrifying, triumphant tales of adventure behind the camera. Add the latest audio and video technology and the action’s so close you can almost taste it.
The Whitbread: A Race Around the World
Nine boats are competing in this quadrennial ordeal—a treacherous course that challenges even the world’s best sailors. See the action through exclusive photos from sailor-photographer Rick Tomlinson.
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