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April 2, 1999

Assessing Everest

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The sky around here is awesome at night. Indeed over the last few years we have been treated to spectacles such as comets Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake. Last night we tried out the Kodak DC 260 on Tawoche [a Himalayan peak] illuminated by the rising full moon and with the constellation of Orion as a backdrop. To our pleasant surprise the photo worked, even at low resolution which is required for this transmission.

—Charles Corfield

This photo was taken at a place known to the Sherpas as Chook-pa-Loreh, a sacred place because there are numerous chortens or small shrines, to commemorate the lives of Sherpa climbers lost on Everest. Scott Fischer’s [a climber who died in 1996] name was also carved there and this beautiful shrine celebrates his life on Everest and his spirit that remains to inspire another generation of Everest climbers. Having a few moments to leave a ceremonial Khata or prayer scarf, blessed by our lama at Charok, Tengboche, and Pangboche, gave us pause to consider the risk involved in entering Everest’s environment. Of course all of us take the sanctuary of Everest and its inherent dangers seriously and approach the mountain with the utmost humility. To conclude, we wish everyone to remember Scott with compassion, pray for consolation for his family, and realize that love cannot be conquered by time.

—Pete Athans

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