November 11, 1999

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Latest Dispatch

April 11, 1999

Looking to the Upper Camps: South Side Base Camp

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It is a beautiful morning here. So most of the crew has gone up to Camp I this morning. Kelly and I are in Base, brewing something. We just want to give it one more day before we head up and do our lap to establish Camp II, get things settled in there, and then come back down.

This means that as of tomorrow, our dispatches will be missing for a few days because we’ll be up on the mountain. However, we’ll still be thinking about you.

Quite a windy morning today! Through the night, it just blew and blew—no particular weather in the area. In fact, it’s a cloudless sky at the moment, and the temperatures are pleasantly warm. As we said earlier, the temperatures this climbing season seem to be a few weeks ahead of usual, and this may reflect the warm, dry winter that they have had.

We have also been joined by Dawa, who Pete and I have worked with on a number of expeditions. Dawa will be helping us out, running Camp II as a Camp Manager for the rest of the expedition, and we’re very pleased to see him. Yesterday, we were visited by Todd Burleson’s Alpine Ascents International trekking group, who tagged Base Camp before going back down to Gorak Shep and on with the rest of their trek.

That is it for now, we'll keep you posted again in a few days. Ciao!

—Charles Corfield

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