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Africans in America: America’s Journey Through Slavery
The companion site to the PBS documentary explores the odyssey of African slaves in America, from the arrival of Europeans in Africa to the American Civil War.

Exploring Amistad
This site recounts the 1839 rebellion of African slaves who commandeered their captors’ ship off the Cuban coast, stood trial before the U.S. Supreme Court, and later returned to Africa.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Find current news, recent historical research, video clips, links and other resources on this site maintained by a museum and education center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Testimony of the Canadian Fugitives
Read the accounts of three escaped slaves as told to Benjamin Drew, a Boston abolitionist who traveled through Canada in the 1850s.

The Underground Railroad in Franklin County
Pro- and antislavery forces converged in this Virginia county on the Mason-Dixon Line.

The William Still Underground Railroad Foundation, Inc.
Find more information about William Still, a leader of the Underground Railroad.


-NGS Resources-

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