By 2050 a third of the people on Earth may lack a clean, secure source of water. Join National Geographic in exploring the local stories and global trends that define the world's water crisis. Learn about freshwater resources and how they are used to feed, power, and sustain all life. See how the forces of technology, climate, human nature, and policy create challenges and drive solutions for a sustainable planet.

More About Freshwater

  • Photo: Southeastern Australia

    Murray-Darling Basin

    What will happen when the climate starts to change and the rivers dry up and a whole way of life comes to an end?

  • Photo: Flooded stairs in China

    Changing Rains

    As the planet warms, look for more floods where it's already wet and deeper drought where water is scarce.

  • Photo: Egypt mob

    The Global Food Crisis

    The End of Plenty—what is a hot, crowded, and hungry world to do?

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Did You Know?

Only 3 percent of the world's water is fresh, and only a third of that is available for human consumption.

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