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Mapping the Americas

Mapping the Americas

Photo: Lighthouse

About Mapping the Americas

Teachers—take your students on a journey across the Americas, from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, with Geography Action! Mapping the Americas. Get the whole school involved in creating a jumbo-sized map of the Americas that's so big it can cover the side of a school building or the floor of the cafeteria. Map builders will learn about the cultures, climates, landmarks, and critical issues found in the diverse countries of the Americas.

Download the Geography Action! Mapping the Americas Toolkit (PDF) and Companion CD (PDF) with a jumbo-sized map and a host of fun, educational activity ideas for a celebration of the Americas in your school or community. Work with your PTA, local businesses, and your students to create a successful event any time of the year.

Download the Toolkit

Download the Toolkit Companion CD

These pdf files can be read using Acrobat Reader and customized using Acrobat Exchange. If you-do not have Exchange and want to inquire about it, please visit the Adobe website.

Americas Maps

Map: The Americas

Print and copy Americas maps to use in activities and lessons.

Americas Activities

Photo: Arctic dogsled team

Get to know the Americas better! Take a pictorial stroll through the countries of North and South America, test your knowledge of the Americas continents, and explore with Lewis and Clark with these games and activities.

Other Resources

Photo: Sawdust

Explore the Americas diverse countries and cultures, listen to the varied sounds of Americas music, and learn how the Americas connect in our global community.

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